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Porteus-v5.0rc2 is released

Posted: 09 Aug 2020, 11:32
by Blaze
After nearly 14 months and a lot of developments (circumstantial and technical), Team Porteus is happy to announce Porteus-v5.0rc2.
The usual seven desktop flavours are available.
The RC releases will only be provided for x86_64 architecture.
The language tool does not function in RC releases.
ISOs: Kernel: Printing:
Note. For updating LibreOffice open terminal and run:

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Some highlights:
- kernel 5.4.57
- added experimental support for RAID arrays
- gtk+3 moved to 002-xorg, gtk+2 removed(some DEs include it: openbox, lxde, xfce)
- porteus gtkdialog scripts ported to pygobject3 (incomplete and ongoing, gtkdialog(built with gtk+3) remains for some unported scripts)
- new base module: 002-xtra which contains custom multimedia packages (eg. ffmpeg, mpv etc)
- apps common to all DEs moved to 002-xorg or 002-xtra (gparted, transmission, celluloid)
- initrd.xz rebuilt with new busybox and improved linuxrc
- rebuilt with new syslinux
- numerous bugs fixed.
- and much more...
Some lowlights:
- USM removed, with no replacement for now..
- usb installer tool removed (broken)
- some porteus gui tools lack full function(due to unfinished pygobject3 porting)
Brought to you by: Porteus Dev Team: brokenman, jssouza, fulalas, Blaze, ncmprhnsbl and an extra special thanks to neko for his ongoing kernel support.