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Porteus version numbering and release schedule

Posted: 05 Sep 2011, 18:54
by fanthom
Few words about Porteus version numbering:
as you probably know we have decided to go with 6 months development cycle for Porteus releases. Hopefully this plan will stay with sync to Slackware which is released approx once per year. It means that we should have full number (1.0, 2.0, 3.0, xxx, n.0) after each new Slackware version and decimal number (1.1, 2.1, 3.1, xxx, n.1) six months later.

Full Porteus release number will contain completely new userland (recompilation of modules from the repos may be necessary) while decimal releases should be "safe" from 3rd party modules point of view.

Approx date for Porteus-1.1:
a) rc-1 middle of October (kernel 3.1.0 and KDE-4.7.2 for 64bits)
b) rc-2 middle of November (kernel 3.1.x and KDE-4.7.3 for 64bits)
c) Porteus-1.1 final on the 6th of December (kernel 3.1.x and KDE-4.7.4 for 64bits)

Hopefully we will be able to stick to this plan.

The Porteus Team