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Tightened security

Posted: 26 Aug 2011, 13:48
by brokenman
Please be aware that the porteus domain/s now have a system guard in place to prevent abusive users. This is stopping ALOT of bots from trying to register or scrape and [b][i]can [/i][/b]lean towards the [i]'over sensitive[/i]' side of caution. If you find yourself looking at a warning page please take a screenshot and email it to me at

Please do not try more than 3 times to enter passed this warning. Chances are (if you see the warning) that your ISP is tolerant of abusive users and is now a haven for spambots and other nasties. You can check them out here: ...

If you feel that this type of protection is unfair, or impedes many users of the website please let me know.