Porteus 2.1 RC1 and Porteus Kiosk Edition 2.0.4 are out!!

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Porteus 2.1 RC1 and Porteus Kiosk Edition 2.0.4 are out!!

Post#1 by Ahau » 04 Jun 2013, 21:14

The Porteus Community is pleased to announce Porteus 2.1 RC1 (Standard Desktop Edition), as well as Porteus Kiosk Edition 2.0.4! We've restructured our layout a bit and now offer standalone iso releases of four desktop environments (KDE4, RazorQT, Xfce and LXDE) for both 32-bit and 64-bit architetures. We've also put together prepackaged modules for Google-Chrome, Opera, Libreoffice, Abiword, and printing/scanning software, which can be dropped in place to get out-of-the-box functionality! Please note that the "Development" module will now need to be downloaded as a standalone module if you wish to compile additional software in Porteus.

Here is our changelog for the Standard Desktop Edition:

Changes common to all desktops:
- upgraded the Linux Kernel to version 3.9.4
- upgraded Mozilla-Firefox to version 21.0
- upgraded mesa and 2D drivers to latest components
- linux installer: added support for handling folders with whitespace in their name when extlinux is used. LILO still wont accept whitespaces in lilo config.
- linux installer: debugging info is stored in /boot/debug.txt file when installation fails
- nfs replaced httpfs for pxe boot. Copy2ram is no longer required and files in /rootcopy have proper permissions/ownership, added support for storing changes over network when 'storage=' cheatcode in used on the server side
- allowed PXE server to be connected through the wifi.
- PXE boot: added support for clients with multiple NIC's (previously linuxrc was checking only eth0)
- fixed handling of encrypted containers for magic folders in rc.M
- kernel config: added CONFIG_B43_BCMA_EXTRA as per TheDoctor's bug report
- linuxrc: removed unnecessary error messages when 'from=' cheatcode points to non-existing device
- 'changes' branch which appears with changes=EXIT: cheatcode won't invoke updating of system caches
- fixed 'mopt=' cheatcode so that it works correctly with ntfs-3g driver
- added empty and non-executable /etc/rc.d/rc.modules to 001-core.xzm
- added xf86-input drivers for touchscreen devices: acecad, aiptek, elographics, mutouch, penmount
- recompiled qt with xinerama support (not included in Xfce/LXDE)
- added following packages to the devel module: bison, flex, linuxdoc-tools, nasm, textinfo, yasm, util-macros and crippled-sources

Desktop-specific changelogs:

- upgraded KDE4 to version 4.10.3
- fixed the following issues reported by Hamza: added ca-certificates, gnupg packages and created /etc/localtime by default

-Dropped gdm. login=root now works, however users can not logout. Hoping to resolve in rc2.
-Bumped razorqt to v5.2
-Bunped spacefm to 0.8.3
-Dropped xvicap
-Dropped TEA editor
-Dropped KeePassX
-Dropped easypaint editor
-Replaced smplayer with vlc
-Replaced qpdf with evince
-Replaced syncbackup with grsync
-Replaced Peazip with file-roller
-Added qmmp plugins

-added obconf package for more configuration options in LXDE
-created an openbox menu that includes an entry to open up lxde's "Desktop Preferences"
-added gtk+3 and gtk+3 apps: file-roller (dropped lxarchiver), audacious, transmission, evince (dropped epdfviewer)
-changed widget theme to "Evolve"
-modified lxdm theme/background image
-added volume keybindings for laptop/media keyboards, with my 'pxf-sound' gtkdialog script that pops up with the volume level
-added libcanberra and notify-daemon so notifications from ppm, firefox, etc will work

- upgraded several Xfce components to version 4.10.1
- updated several applications to their latest stable version

Here is the changelog for the Kiosk Edition:
Kiosk ISO:
- disabled firefox's 'file://' protocol by default
- enabled '-joliet-long' flag in /porteus/make_iso.sh to allow very long filenames to be stored inside the ISO
- when 'copy2ram' is disabled then the /rootcopy folder is not copied to the live filesystem but injected like an xzm module, this saves RAM in case large files are placed in /rootcopy.
- disabled Shift-F5 key combination

kiosk wizard:
- added support for whitelisting specific IPs and IP ranges. please note that the firewall must remain enabled for this feature to work.
- added support for re-enabling 'file://' protocol. This feature is needed in cases where you want to display an offline website stored locally. The 'file://' protocol brings a security risk as system config files can be accessed from firefox so please use it with caution.
- disabled the Shift-F6 key combination but only when a user chooses to disable firefox's "navigation bar"

You can download your desired edition from the following links:
32-bit editions: http://dl.porteus.org/i486/testing/Porteus-v2.1-rc1/
64-bit editions: http://dl.porteus.org/x86_64/testing/Porteus-v2.1-rc1/

Additional 64-bit modules (browsers, development, office, printing) and amd/nVidia video drivers can be found inside the 'modules' and 'drivers' folders.
md5sums for all iso's and modules are listed in the 'md5sums.txt' file located in the same directory as the iso's.

You can download the Kiosk edition ISO and wizard here: http://www.porteus.org/download-kiosk.html

Please report all bugs and/or feedback for the Standard Desktop Editions in the development section on this thread: http://forum.porteus.org/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=2222
Please report all bugs and/or feedback for the Kiosk Eidtion on this thread: http://forum.porteus.org/viewtopic.php?f=104&t=1578

Thank you to all of the members of the Porteus Community for their help in testing the Release Candidates and providing excellent feedback!
Please take a look at our online documentation, here. Suggestions are welcome!