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Forum changes

Posted: 30 Sep 2012, 08:54
by fanthom
Just introduced new forum category named "Porteus Specialized Editions" which include special Porteus editions focused on certain tasks.
We are planning to maintain two extra Porteus editions which will be released shortly.

To prevent the forum getting cluttered I have made following changes:
a) moved "pBuild Scripts" to "Development" (couldn't find better category for it)
b) moved "Installation methods" to "HOW TO's & Resources"
c) dropped "Latest release and info" for 32/64 bit editions (all topics moved to "General chat")
d) dropped "Guideliness" (all topics moved to "Announcements")
e) moved "Artwork" subforum to "Other" category (some artwork may not be Porteus related)

Apologize for these changes but we believe they are necessary to keep the forum easy to navigate.