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Porteus v1.2 rc2 is ready for testing!

Posted: 06 May 2012, 22:14
by Ahau
After a couple long months in the making, the Porteus Community is happy to announce the second Release Candidate of Porteus Version 1.2! This release candidate includes several upgrades, application rewrites and bug fixes. Major changes include:

- kernel bumped to version 3.3.4 (all editions)
- KDE upgraded to 4.8.3 (64-bit standard edition)
- Trinity upgraded to 3.5.13 (R14) (32-bit standard edition)
- XFCE upgraded to 4.10 final (both XFCE editions)
- LXDE upgraded to latest version from git (both standard editions)
- Firefox upgraded to version 12.0 (all editions)
- rewritten Language-Selection-Tool, Magic-Folders setup tool, Save.dat setup tool (including encrypted save.dat support) (all editions)
- upgraded Porteus Installer, Porteus Package Manager and pns-tool (all editions)
- wicd and python dropped, Network Manager is used for wifi connections instead (64-bit editions)
- K3B dropped in favor of pburn, avidemux and asunder (both standard editions)
- transmission, pidgin, and isomaster were added (64-bit editions)

You can download each edition from the following links:

32-bit editions:
64-bit editions:

Full changelogs and other information for each edition can be viewed and discussed on the individual forum threads in the development section, here:

32-bit standard edition:link
32-bit XFCE edition: link
64-bit standard edition: link
64-bit XFCE edition: link

The Porteus developers would like to thank everybody involved in creating, testing and using Porteus.