Porteus v1.1 update

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Porteus v1.1 update

Post#1 by brokenman » 04 Feb 2012, 13:01

Please download the latest version of firefox from the server. It includes firefox 10 with DuckDuckGo set as the default search engine.

32bit firefox update
64bit firefox update

Download the module and overwrite the existing porteus/base/008firefox.xzm file.
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Re: Porteus v1.1 update

Post#2 by fanthom » 05 Feb 2012, 20:08

Here is a kernel and initrd update for porteus-1.1:


what's new?
a) linux-3.2.4 which closes security vulnerability reported by Hamza:
be aware that 32bit kernel is based on 64bit config so many drivers (like framebuffer) are stripped off. this kernel is small, fast and reliable - things which i like all together. let me know if i cut off to much and you need something back.
b) crippled sources for 3.2.4 kernel which let you build GPU drivers
c) busybox-1.9.4 recompiled against uClibc patched for >256 loop devices support (thanks to uClibc devs for the patch). no need to use glibc based initrd for that purpose
d) linuxrc with support for encrypted (cryptsetup+LUKS) save.dat containers. this feature is implemented transparently to the end users: if encrypted container is discovered then linuxrc asks for a password, if save.dat is not encrypted then booting continues as normal.
if user provides wrong password 3 times then booting goes in "always fresh" mode.

future version of "Porteus save.dat Manager" will include support for creating encrypted containers. for now you have to do it manually.
here are the commands to create 410MB container:

Code: Select all

dd if=/dev/urandom of=crypt.dat bs=4096 count=100000
mknod /dev/loop100 b 7 100
losetup /dev/loop100 crypt.dat
cryptsetup -y -s 256 luksFormat /dev/loop100
cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/loop100 encrypted
mkfs.xfs /dev/mapper/encrypted
cryptsetup luksClose encrypted 
losetup -d /dev/loop100
once created you can use it with 'changes=crypt.dat' cheatcode.

i'll open a thread in "Development" section for discussion about this update.

here it is:
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