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copy2ram: is it for every distribution or livecd

Posted: 05 Apr 2021, 11:42
by francois
I understand that copy2ram will boost a system speed, the main disadvantage being the llonger time needed to boot into RAM. Some distributions like debian do not have a copy2ram option. Is there a turnaround. For example, while I would be happy to provide an openplotter porteus adaptation of this marine software, the complexity and amount of work would be out of my competences. Thus, I was wondering if producing a live cd from the debian openplotter edition would permit me to call the iso file with copy2ram command.

Any comments or suggestions?

copy2ram: is it for every distribution or livecd

Posted: 05 Apr 2021, 17:33
by raja
There are quite a few live CD versions of Debiandog based on porteus style, available in puppy forum.less than 400mb.

Os will be in live folder as 01-filesystem.squashfs.

You can unsquashfs this file and add necessary files for "openplotter", from your debian build (/usr/bin;/usr/lib and /usr/share, rename old live file as *.squashfs. .bak and mksquashfs file again.

Now, this debiandog will boot in copy2ram and you will have your openplotter application.

copy2ram: is it for every distribution or livecd

Posted: 06 Apr 2021, 22:28
by francois
Hello raja,

I have followed the development of debiandog. You seem to have done it too. You see a lot more possibilities than I do. Thanks for the tip. Have you seen tome's ubuntu version of porteus?
Quick Ubuntu based Porteus (x64) - UPortabilizer ;)
According to tome and to brokenman, it would be also portable to debian or openplotter.

However, the openplotter is arm64, and is to be run on a raspberry pi 3B or 4. Will that make a difference?

I am still quite busy preparing my sailing season, not only software and electronics, but also the other vital elements to get the boat moving on the water and the essentials needed on board to be autonomous as much as possible. It takes almost all my spare time. Here in Quebec the season is very short. I would like to have the boat ready to go on the sea for the third week of may.

Thanks so much. :D