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Kiosk Server Premium Testing

Posted: 05 Feb 2019, 18:46
by ExeroKiosk
We are evaluating the Kiosk Server Premium version.

To do so, we have a demo kiosk running, along with the Kiosk server, running in a local network, and have set the "kiosk_config=server://config_name.txt" and the kiosk server parameter to an ip address; e.g. "kiosk_server=".

The kiosk is able to reach the server, download the config, and present the custom home page. All good on that front.

However, in the Kiosk Server, this kiosk is showing as "offline". I am assuming this is the case since we are using a self-signed certificate for testing purposes, and do not have a "valid" cert as required?

Thanks for any help or clarification on how to effectively test and evaluate the Kiosk Server Premium.

Re: Kiosk Server Premium Testing

Posted: 05 Feb 2019, 19:38
by fanthom
Your certificate does not matter as kiosk client and server are using our own cert (unless specific cert is forced by your proxy server? In this case you must add an exception for PK Server).
Maybe kiosk is connected - did you refresh the client list in the Admin Panel? Please follow troubleshooting steps from here:

If nothing helps and if the kiosk is still showing as 'offline' then please send your installation config and the one hosted on PK Server to and i'll check if they are correct.