Gaming with non free nvidia drivers and persistent uefi sd card boot

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Gaming with non free nvidia drivers and persistent uefi sd card boot

Post#1 by mcabel » 10 Aug 2018, 00:17


I've been searching around for info and tutorials but have failed so far.
I came here based on a recommendation posted for someone else on a forum of a different Linux distro.

I need a linux Bootable Persistant SD card, with UEFI boot support, that is able to install the most up to date Nvidia drivers for my 755m card.

Main use will be gaming through playOnLinux, Wine/wineTricks and steam.

I need to know if this is possible, and some pointers on how accomplish each objective would be appreciated.

I have tried using rufus and directly installing other linux versions on an sd card though a linux VM, but my results have either been non persistant, non uefi, and also after I remove the sd card or update the kernel, the system does not find the boot point and the card stops working.

(sorry if something I say makes no sense. all my current "linux-jargon" comes from 7-15 days researching about this. I'm not an expert linux user by any means)

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M. Eerie
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Gaming with non free nvidia drivers and persistent uefi sd card boot

Post#2 by M. Eerie » 11 Aug 2018, 07:19

Hi mcabel,

Regarding SD card, there is a tutorial by wread which may help.

As for the most up to date Nvidia drivers, I'm afraid I can't help.

However, I think you should consider some points:

1.- PORTEUS main use (as I intended) is to be portable, and thus is made to dynamically adapt the host machine where is going to be used.

2.- As such, you have to be confident this host has enough resources to do what you are trying.

Therefore, and taking into account that the objective is to play in roaming (I presume), you should consider that the machine where you are going to play, have enough memory resources to host support for WINE and of course to load in memory the games that you want to play, which would probably limit its use.

Sure, Porteus can be installed on disk (although I would not recommend using an SDcard as a persistent disk...), but honestly, I think it's not the most suitable scenario for a distro that has been conceived mainly to be versatile and, with Slackware as base, you must be clear that the objective was not precisely to be up-to-date, but to guarantee a occasional use in most possible scenarios.


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Gaming with non free nvidia drivers and persistent uefi sd card boot

Post#3 by raja » 13 Aug 2018, 08:04

Try Etcher, to make EFI boot device on an SD card.but,doubt if that can be made persistent. Etcher can prepare two partitions, simple to use, error free manual intervention....
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