Newbie Problem

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Newbie Problem

Post#1 by rrbs » 07 Apr 2018, 14:38


I've install nemesis of a USBStick. Now my configurations are lost, when i reboot the system.
Can you tell me, what i mus do?

thanks ralf

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DEV Team
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Newbie Problem

Post#2 by ncmprhnsbl » 08 Apr 2018, 05:02

the easiest approach would be via the <USBStick>/config/cheatcodes file, in particular this section:

Code: Select all

### Enter the path to your changes file/folder below. If your changes
### are stored on a FAT32/NTFS partition then you must use a .dat file
### to save changes. The .dat file is a container that holds your
### changes since the above partitions are non POSIX compliant.
### Some examples of usable changes= codes are:
### changes=/dev/device
### changes=/path/
### changes=/path/file.dat
adjust and uncomment(remove the #) the last line.
note that all changes (including installed programs) will be saved to this file
other strategies include manually making a module with the settings in it or using the changes-time command...
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M. Eerie
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Newbie Problem

Post#3 by M. Eerie » 02 May 2018, 18:36

Trying to do a pman -Syu my NEMESIS pendrive just got wiped :shock: :wall:

16Gb of work and research gone and even Testdisk couldn't help to recover some files (yes, those not yet backed up)... :cry:

Before I'm going to die, I would like to see it working with kernel 4.16, but since kernel 4.15.14 any further update to the kernel results in a slow check at startup. I don't know why, but the thing is while Porteus works flawlessly, Nemesis doesn't.

Also I never got numlock activated at startup.

I'm posting here, because I'm feeling like a newbie.

Bye-bye :bangin:

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