plank without persistence or save changes

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plank without persistence or save changes

Post#1 by francois » 03 Feb 2018, 14:02

You can add plank over any installed desktop easily:

However, if you do hold a persistence or save changes folder you will have some problem. This is a thread so to keep changes for plank given that you intend not to have a persistence file on your nemesis installation.

Build your own desktop environment or use those already built for nemesis:
xfce4 module by ncmprhnsbl [/b]Xfce4 DE module

In always fresh mode (no persistence) just build your plank dock with:

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sudo pman  -S plank 
which should provide a plank module to /porteus/modules

You add additional files that will not last if you do not use persistence thru:

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dir2xzm /mnt/live/memory/changes /path-to/porteus/modules/z-plank-additions.xzm
z before this module is essential so that the included files will boot last otherwise plank will show an error message and will not load.

To get the plank desktop at bootup:
plank to be set into the xfce4 autostart folder. One way of doing it is to create .desktop files in /etc/xdg/autostart folder.

Or during session thru command line:

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Carpe diem.

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