[Solved] Can the "scim-chewing input method" install to Porteus Koisk ?

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[Solved] Can the "scim-chewing input method" install to Porteus Koisk ?

Post#1 by samba » 10 Feb 2020, 17:07

Hello,I installed Porteus Koisk in my netbook, and I like the Porteus Koisk very much.

But I can't input Chinese .

Then I found scim-chewing at ArchLinux packages manager for Porteus (Post by neko #75668) .

Can "Porteus Koisk" install scim-chewing ,too ?

Thank you.
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Can the "scim-chewing input method" install to Porteus Koist ?

Post#2 by fanthom » 10 Feb 2020, 19:31

Hello samba,

There is no easy way for implementing this application with kiosk i'm afraid.

Maybe you could use Chrome with 'input tools' extension installed:
https://chrome.google.com/webstore/deta ... bhab?hl=en

See here:
[Solved] Adding extensions to Chrome

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