Poor Performance

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Poor Performance

Post#1 by fin05 » 19 Mar 2024, 20:50

I have a dell optiplex with an 8th gen i7 CPU, 16GB DDR4, 256GB SSD
Monitor is a Elo 42" PCAP Touchscreen in portrait layout
It is used to run a Home Assistant dashboard - the dashboard is various buttons to turn lights on and off, 9 camera streams, and some widgets to display info
Using the free edition of Porteus Kiosk with Firefox browser - persistence is full - hidden nave bar - and virtual keyboard active

On initial boot the kiosk is very responsive, after about an hour the responsiveness starts to lag - the longer its on the longer the lag - sometimes it takes 15 seconds for a touch to register - the fix is to reboot

I have tried using zram and that did not help - Im guessing either firefox is sucking up the ram or maybe a need custom touch drivers loaded?

Can anyone provide some insight?
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