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Donated after day two of honeymoon

Posted: 10 Apr 2019, 00:27
by nanZor
Preaching to the choir I guess, but here goes ..

It only took two day before the fingers went magneticaly to the donate button. But not just because everything works on my low end Intel NUC (NUC6CAYH) - plenty of stuff does - but I found that Porteus seems well-engineered for it's use-case.

For a volunteer effort, I'm blown away at the seemingly right mix of convenient gui tools, yet ultimately there is enough interesting stuff left over for an intermediate end user to polish rough edges or customize themselves.

In other words, this is not a distro-hop destination - but one of the more you put into it, the more you get out of it - and on your own terms. Porteus kind of invites a long-term research / relationship thing, not just slam in a CD, boot, and post an online video of clicking around.

In my mind, from an end-user standpoint, there seems to be a *reason* for doing the things they do, and not just trying to be cute with gratuitous changes from your ordinary distro. That seems to indicate a long-term commitment trend.

Can you tell Porteus made my day? Thanks to ALL, users and devs rockin' this.

Donated after day two of honeymoon

Posted: 10 Apr 2019, 03:52
by Ed_P
:victory: Welcome aboard nanZor.

Donated after day two of honeymoon

Posted: 10 Apr 2019, 15:54
by francois
It has been doing my day most days since 2010. You have hit the right button, nice tool, nice philosophy and very nice forum. Happy that you are jumping in.


Donated after day two of honeymoon

Posted: 17 Apr 2019, 04:42
by nanZor
Thanks - still digging it!

The ability to get it installed with native tools is pretty impressive. Other than having to use Rufus for some cranky older hardware running windows, the live-usb creator and simple shell script for linux inside the iso works just fine on both UEFI and older mbr stuff.

Heh, once I got my "dd" mojo perfected over the years, you guys took it away with an easier route. :)

Donated after day two of honeymoon

Posted: 16 Mar 2021, 09:48
by nanZor
YEAR TWO update:

Still in love with Porteus for the same reasons.

These days I tend not to install and make a totally all-singing-dancing bootable stick, but use a "two stick" setup (one boot, one for changes) or stash the changes onto another filesystem hanging around like a squirrel. :)

Love the fact that on some inexpensive little hockey-puck sized computers with Atom cpu's, I'm seemingly having no major problems, which used to be a big issue years back.

Really dig how cpufreq is already installed and running, in addition to other power saving by powering down my hdmi monitors, rather than just going blank but still on.

Kudos to the devs and users for keeping Porteus active!

Donated after day two of honeymoon

Posted: 18 Mar 2021, 11:23
by francois
I second all these compliments to the dev teams. :hammer: