Years and years

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Years and years

Post#1 by Herumacil » 20 May 2018, 23:04

where on earth do i start with this Gem of an operating system?

For many years ive been reasonably happy plodding along with various versions of windows since 3.1. The need for something else didn't really occur to me until i battled many hours in an attempt to install windows Vista god knows when. this seemed to be the point in time where the bloatware that is windows began getting progressively worse, demanding more and more resources just to simply run. The solution was various attempts at running linux with different desktop environments all with the same result.... one way or another i would end up breaking the whole install by doing something i thought would be a simple task! :shock:

Fast forward to now, my aging (2012-13) laptop has, of course, decided that windows 10 is just not something its into... and its not hard to see why. Its not really that Windows 10 is slow, its just become such a workload for my laptop to boot it up. everytime i want to use the damn thing windows update decides it wants all the cpu to itself, fine so i have to wait half an hour, an hour sometimes before its really usable again.

I found the Porteus website and decided id give linux one last try... in USB form.

The difference in my aged, decrepit, barely functional laptop was just night and day. The sheer speed of this thing i haven't seen in a long time. So of course i then did the very thing that put me off linux to start with... i messed about trying to install stuff (in modules this time as Porteus does things) and then broke it... but unlike every other distro ive ever used, Porteus simply can't die this way, simply booting "always fresh" then deleting the module brings everything back the way it was. FINALLY, after years and years of hopeless linux distros ive finally found one that is reliable, portable and seriously fast. This is the way it should have always been. Well done to all the Devs of Porteus. Thank you for producing this amazing operating system. :worship:
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Black ninja
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Years and years

Post#2 by apollo » 21 May 2018, 10:34

jep, the modules thing is one that makes Porteus so unique :thumbsup: :worthy:

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Years and years

Post#3 by fulalas » 21 May 2018, 22:25

Nice to hear that! It's funny because I experienced something very similar to you, Herumacil. I tried to keep Windows XP until 2012/2013 but Nvidia broke its drivers for XP and then I had to move to Seven -- which, although bloatware when compared to XP, was not that terrible. After some years, I realized that sooner I would have to move to Windows 8 and then 10, versions that in my point of view are unusable -- including not terrible UI and performance, but especially privacy concerns. Up to that time I had been a MS user through my whole life, although I had tried some Linux distros here and there, I always thought them too hard to use, too slow and limited. But then in the end of 2016 a friend of mine told me about Porteus and it was love at first sight. In just a few months I was helping with scripts, modules and forum support, and now I'm officially part of the dev team, which is unbelievable. :)

Things I love about Porteus:
1- as you said: it's unbreakable. If you mess with something, just reboot and voilà;
2- the system is always new, so there's no entropy;
3- it works from RAM, so it's lightening fast;
4- since it works with modules, it's really easy to test different DEs;
5- although it takes around 300 MB, it comes with a solid package of programs -- just choose a browser from the Porteus browser update/install GUI and you're ready to go;
6- multimedia package simply works! No need to worry with codecs, bad video players that stutters, etc.

Some extras related to Linux/DEs that I miss when I have to use Windows:
1- on Linux you usually can drag/resize windows without having to hit specific areas of the window (just use ALT key together with mouse buttons) -- this is simply wonderful;
2- on most Linux DEs you can mute sound by wheel clicking the speaker icon on the task bar;
3- on most Linux DEs you can change/create key shortcuts;
4- on Linux the time the system takes to recognize a new device (mouse, external sound card, USB stick, etc) is usually smaller when compared to Windows;
5- on most Linux DEs you can scroll windows without having to put focus on it -- this was finally introduced with Windows 10;
6- it's simply incomparable the performance/usability between Windows UAC and Linux root prompt;
7- I'm not familiar with all DEs, but LXDE, LXQt and Xfce I guarantee: the file search simply works, contrary to Windows!

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Years and years

Post#4 by brokenman » 23 Jun 2018, 18:58

Great to hear Herumacil!

I still find ways to break things, but I live in fresh mode. There are many many advantages to an always fresh system.
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