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4 months straight on RAMboot

Posted: 20 Aug 2017, 15:06
by markdown

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guest@porteus:~$ uptime -p
up 15 weeks, 1 day, 21 hours, 57 minutes
And this is supposed to be my disposable distro, I'm using it almost as my DD!

Interestingly, this was done on KDE which seems to have specific issues that the other 3 DEs don't have. What's the developer's intended "hero version" between the 4 flavours? Come on, we all know you have a favourite child. ;)

All in all, damn impressive guys. Keep it up.

4 months straight on RAMboot

Posted: 27 Aug 2017, 17:03
by brokenman
Glad you got the bug. I use xfce for work just because it is light and fast. For leisure I use cinnamon.

4 months straight on RAMboot

Posted: 05 Dec 2017, 06:45
by apollo
I stick with XFCE at the moment. Its really light and fast but has all the features i need for "daily work".