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A distro for me

Posted: 02 Feb 2017, 10:10
by unixhed
Been looking for this for a long time. :Search: I needed a distro that I could use from a flash stick, on any computer. Tried Lubuntu, Slacky, Puppy, Slitaz, LXLE and numerous others. All were missing 'something'. :wall:
Was using PCLinuxOS at home, LXLE 14.04 at office,and as portable system. :bad:
Porteus has been my primary working distro for about six months now, and after getting my head around the modules. I am now promoting Porteus 3.22 64 bit (MATE) to my primary office OS (ThinkPad edge), and Porteus 3.22 64bit (Cinnamon) as my portable system (16Gb Sandisk).
Modules: Firefox, Libreoffice, printing. :Yahoo!: