Wonderful distribution

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Wonderful distribution

Post#1 by weiman » 01 Jun 2024, 10:05

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to thank the team for this fantastic distro. I've tried so many distributions... all of them had something that made me want to drop it.
Porteus is absolutely perfect (according to me). It's fast, convenient, everything works out of the box, and we finally have a real permanent usb distribution. Some linux distributions have this feature, but it's rare to see it working really.
I haven't posted here for years, but i recently tried other portable distribution and i realized how good Porteus is compared to others.

Please never abandon this project. I will donate when i can, and i hope everybody here will do the same.

Have a nice day!
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Wonderful distribution

Post#2 by rych » 01 Jun 2024, 11:22

I agree. I've used it for 10 years as the best persistent-portable Linux for my work. Moreover, when choosing a Linux variant (Debian, Ubuntu, ...?) for an installed, non-portable system... I still chose Porteus/X as a frugal install: [HOWTO] Multiboot Windows and frugal Porteus/X

My frugal Porteus/X deployment is synced one-to-one to the portable Porteus USB that I can take with me and boot anywhere. Another reason is the squashfs compressed xzm modules, that are as fast as fully deployed file systems, and that can be activated/deactivated, as well as the control over aufs changes that get permanently stored on top for the next reboot.

Recently the situation with the lack of a full-fledged Application Manager has been much improved with the module builder scripts and enthusiastic, generous community module providers. PorteuX has a growing App Store too.

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