As a Daily Distro on hard drive: Excellent work

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As a Daily Distro on hard drive: Excellent work

Post#1 by LarryDC » 11 Oct 2021, 20:24

I just posted this on DistroWatch to update Jesse Smith's hopelessly outdated 2014 review!
"NOT rc2: But July 2021 rc3:
I'd had this running for a while: I have 26 distros bootable off my 3 legacy grub driven 3 hard drives. But just recently I decided to see if it would handle daily use:
Chrome for microphone with Duolingo, SciTE as my Gui text-editor [Just used the author's gscite download and it ran 5.14 like a charm!], Micro as my editor, vfu 21 static as my file manager, Conky info in a one row strip across the bottom of the screen, Keepassxc to handle passwords (400 entries), palemoon browser (because I like it), SoftOffice suite(textmaker21, Planmaker21, Presentations21). I prefer NON systemd & as Slackware based it's SysVinit.
Without USM in the RC I had to use slackyd + installpkg, which worked great.
By using kernel line 'changes=/porteus' I had all my modifications saved even when copying to RAM! Naturally I have it installed to its own 2oGB ext4 partition but it is only using 6.1 GB.
One issue was to use timeconfig NOT tzselect because my BIOS clock is set to UTC.
Also using XFCE4's Settings -> Session & Startup my conky gets erased by the wallpaper on startup. But once I run 'conky & ' from the Application Finder it stays running fine.
All of the above requirements were met. This is a TOPS distro... from one who has reviewed over 130 distros!"
It's one of the only distros that ran Duolingo out of the box on your included Google Chrome: Well done. Plus it picked up the ethernet card despite there being an unconnected on board ethernet board that died.
Now to go donate... not much, I'm afraid. I'm retired.
According to Ancestry, my 60% Irish ancestors would be proud of you!
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As a Daily Distro on hard drive: Excellent work

Post#2 by Ed_P » 11 Oct 2021, 22:01

Thank you. :)

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