The Chilling Effect...

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The Chilling Effect...

Post#1 by fullmoonremix » 24 Jun 2016, 13:09

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This thread is to address a phenomenon that I observed in the absence of Dialogue .

If valid threads and posts are attacked (NOT... simply questioned) they will be dismissed by others as bogus.

If this continues without closure the person on the receiving end has 7 options...

1) Continue to waste time and effort (aka "turn the other cheek").
2) Negotiate (aka "PM").
3) Preface (aka "the unwritten rules of engagement" see also ).
4) Confrontation (aka... "calling out" and publically "facing your accuser").
5) Dissent (aka "speaking truth to power"... which is basically this forum section).
6) Do not post (aka "the chilling effect").
7) Vote with your feet (aka "customer feedback").

I speak for myself in pointing out this... the 1st option (a total dealbreaker) guarantees non-closure because it gives a "free pass"
which encourages more attacks ("trolling"). And the last 2 options (although perhaps satisfying) are not really productive.

IMO... the 2nd is effective because it takes away the "toy" (the audience). Critics fear this one. The 3rd (of course... when in context)
is effective @ least in taking away the other popular "toy" (the excuse) rendering the attacks (although not stopping them) moot.

The 5th option attempts to cast light on the possibility that the Emperor has no clothes.
And as has been often pointed out (by cooler heads that prevail)... the 4th one means everybody loses.

The way I see it... there is a place in public forums for disagreement.
However... disagreeable should always be a private affair (ie... "PM").

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Re: The Chilling Effect...

Post#2 by iVAN » 19 May 2017, 14:44

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Re: The Chilling Effect...

Post#3 by francois » 19 May 2017, 21:51

This is not a very good idea Ivan to revive some sentences that we almost forgot. :wink:
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