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Please post in this category if you are extremely unhappy with Porteus.
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web layout

Post#1 by draad » 19 Jun 2022, 22:42

The first thing I noticed when trying the Porteus distro was the web layout on porteus.org.

I don't like the white text on a dark background. The readability is worse than the normal (dark on lighter background).

For this reason I also avoid sites such as hackaday. They don't look right.

Further I am still trying to figure why I can't get porteus to show a graphical desktop on my Igel thin client.
It only shows a flashing image so far.

Message = "failed to load Adwaita theme"

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web layout

Post#2 by Ed_P » 20 Jun 2022, 14:23

If you have a technical problem with a release you need help with you need to post in a different section of the forum and provide more details to what you are running.

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web layout

Post#3 by norb » 20 Jul 2022, 13:52

Jeez, I've been using Porteus since what; 3? But I had so much shit installing this to HD (my default system) that I had to post here. For further information, see my post on 'Porteus Praisers'! Do It! :Yahoo!:

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