Muilti boot

Here you can post about the issues related to modifications performed manually (not through the kiosk wizard). Example: swapped kernel, added 3rd party modules or files.
Please describe in detail what has been changed and hopefully other kiosk user will be able to help.
Porteus team wont resolve bugs posted in this category as we support only modifications made by the kiosk wizard.
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White ninja
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Muilti boot

Post#1 by bonzo » 22 Aug 2019, 07:45

I have installed Porteus-Kiosk and love it! I am using a central porteus.cfg file which is hosted on a webserver to manage several kiosks remotely. This file includes all the porteus settings including the homepage.
What I would like to do is to present a menu on boot up that allows the user to lock the kiosk into either one homepage or a second different homepage.

I thought this could be achieved by using syslinux bootloader with an overlay .dat file.


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timeout 5

label site1
        menu label Driver Knowledge Test System
        kernel /boot/vmlinuz
        append initrd=/boot/initrd.xz changes=/porteus/site1.dat changes-ro

label site2
        menu label Public Access Internet Kiosk
        kernel /boot/vmlinuz
        append initrd=/boot/initrd.xz changes=/porteus/site2.dat changes-ro

I'm not sure which file I'd need to change within the dat file, and what I'd need to put in there.
Presumably just a single line that contains the kiosk_config setting for each homepage.

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Would this work? Or is there a better solution?

thanks in advance.

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Muilti boot

Post#2 by hypomania » 21 Feb 2020, 20:12

Check that, please

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Muilti boot

Post#3 by Ed_P » 21 Feb 2020, 22:12

I don't know hypomania with all these tinyurl links and replying to a 6 month old posting about configuring Porteus Kiosk with a link to multiboot a USB drive. :hmmm:

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