How does Porteus use Gentoo Distfiles?

Here you can post about the issues related to modifications performed manually (not through the kiosk wizard). Example: swapped kernel, added 3rd party modules or files.
Please describe in detail what has been changed and hopefully other kiosk user will be able to help.
Porteus team wont resolve bugs posted in this category as we support only modifications made by the kiosk wizard.
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How does Porteus use Gentoo Distfiles?

Post#1 by LonnieTC » 29 Jul 2019, 12:25

Hello All,

I have just now started using Porteus and am interested in developing some application modules beyond the current Firefox and Chrome browsers. I would like to see if it is possible to add some editors or other office productivity application as a single instance application in a specific ISO for that purpose.

With that in mind, I have already gone through the Porteus Documentation links and in particular the "Manual ISO Customization" information as well as decompressed (unsquashfs) the Kiosk ISO and xzm files to look around.

In looking at the main download page ( I see that there are links at the bottom to Gentoo Distfiles and Portage directories (

My understanding is that Porteus is based upon Slack and I do not see how the Gentoo files integrate into the Porteus Kiosk distribution. On that note, I am really coming from the Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit) world but would like to ask if some one could please clarify this for me?

Thanks and have a good day :hmmm:

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How does Porteus use Gentoo Distfiles?

Post#2 by ncmprhnsbl » 29 Jul 2019, 12:46

hi, welcome..
yes, porteus desktop edition is based on slackware and porteus kiosk is based on gentoo.. similar but separate projects..
the porteus kiosk specific forum section is here: Porteus Kiosk Edition
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