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Activating OpenGL for external programs

Posted: 24 Jun 2015, 17:09
by omega
Hi, I replaced the browser with a program that uses OpenGL.

So I downloaded mesa-9.1.7-i486.txz, glew-1.9.0-i486.txz, glu-9.0.0-i486.txz, gsl-1.16-i486.txz, libdrm-2.4.46-i486.txz, libxcb-1.9.1-i486.txz, desktop-file-utils-0.21-i486.xtz with Porteus Desktop Unified Slackware package Manager and converted them to xzm-modules, extracted them in one directory and made a single xzm-module for my kiosk. Unfortunatelly the OpenGL-Part in my Program still does not work.

The only way i got it running was to copy the original Porteus Desktop core- and xorg- modules to my kiosk-xzm-directory, but I don't want all the other stuff from the desktop-edition in my Kiosk (nothing shows up from desktop, but all the useless files make the iso twice as big). So what I know is, it can work, but I don't know what is missing or where I have to edit some xorg-stuff to make my OpenGL-drivers work. I would need a console in "init 4" to check what is missing, because I have no ssh and disabled network.

Can someone tell me, where/if I have to change something when the libs are included or which lib is missing?

Re: Activating OpenGL for external programs

Posted: 25 Jun 2015, 08:46
by fanthom
Kiosk is based on Gentoo so Slackware packages may not work. You could install Gentoo (unfortunately its not that easy so please follow installation guide carefully) and then emerge Mesa package through portage. Last step would be to add Mesa.xzm to kiosk.

As usual in such cases im offering my own commercial service:

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Add opensource 3D drivers (Mesa package and dependencies) for playing online games and other WebGL usage.

Re: Activating OpenGL for external programs

Posted: 29 Jun 2015, 23:08
by omega
Thank you very much for that great hint :good: . I managed to install Gentoo with an easy Installation guide (, but had to emerge "xserver-xorg" first to get the (the one that comes with Porteus-Desktop was too old for my Mesa-Version). The directories in my Mesa-package were also a bit different, but working with Xorg.0.log helped a lot (while testing I made it visible with the ability of gtkdialog showing text-files).
How did you get Kiosk so small as it is based on Gentoo? My base-installation was about 300 MB.