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two questions

Posted: 02 Aug 2014, 19:47
by jseider
Where is the location for static ip addresses or printer urls and models in the
Not in xzm/003-settings.xzm?

If I unpack a wizard generated kiosk image (via loop mount) and pack this as new (unchanged) iso with,
I have a big problem.
I can boot this image but I have no network connection???

Please help.

Re: two questions

Posted: 03 Aug 2014, 07:09
by fanthom
hi jseider,

repacking the ISO should not affect any network functionality (first time i hear about such behavior).
in order to set static IP you have to edit 003-settings.xzm/etc/rc.d/rc.M and comment out dhcpcd function, like here:

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# Initialize the networking hardware:
#for x in `ls /sys/class/net | egrep -v 'sip|lo'`; do
   # dhcpcd -L -t 0 $x >/dev/null 2>&1 &
and add code for your static IP, sample below:

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ifconfig eth0 netmask
route add default gw eth0
echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf

[SOLVED] two questions

Posted: 03 Aug 2014, 16:57
by jseider
All okay now. It was a problem with my virtualbox installation.