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[Solved] porteus kiosk hard drive installation

Posted: 21 Mar 2014, 14:20
by rh102801
Hi everyone
I am a complete Linux noob trying to setup a porteus kiosk. I am able to create the ISO from the wizard and run it live from a USB drive but I want to install it to a hard drive and I am not understanding the instructions on the wiki.

I read this "Once in the 'isohybrid' format, the image can be burned as a live CD or it can be "burned" directly to a flash device or hard drive using the 'dd' command. For example:
dd if=porteus-kiosk-v2.0.1.iso of=/dev/sdb where 'dev/sdb' is the target flash device"

If I have created the hybrid ISO and copied to a usb drive with Win32DiskImager, how do I go about installing this on a hard drive that has nothing in it?
Would I need to run some sort of live Linux distro and copy this to the hard drive that way?

Kind of lost.


Re: porteus kiosk hard drive installation

Posted: 21 Mar 2014, 15:09
by fanthom

if Win32DiskImager wont allow you to select hard drive as a destination then you could install Porteus Desktop Edition on your usb flash, boot it up and use 'dd' command (as root) to perform installation on HD.

please open file manager and double check which drive is /dev/sda, which is /dev/sdb, etc so you wont install kiosk on wrong device.

Re: [Solved] porteus kiosk hard drive installation

Posted: 24 Mar 2014, 14:47
by rh102801
Thank you Fanthom this worked like a charm. It took me a couple of tries mainly because I didn't really know what I was doing .
I made a bootable USB drive with Tiny Core Linux, from and booted the PC to it, I put the Porteus ISO on another USB drive. Launched a terminal windows in tiny core and mounted the PC's hard drive and the USB drive with the ISO and used the command described on the instructions to copy the file on the hard drive making it bootable "dd if=porteus-kiosk-v2.0.1.iso of=/dev/sdb where 'dev/sdb' "
Excellent instructions although for a total noob like me it took some trial and error.

Thanks again