dns + dhcp, wifi configuration gui, and auto mount config

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dns + dhcp, wifi configuration gui, and auto mount config

Post#1 by millerthegorilla » 12 Jun 2023, 10:02

Hi, I am using porteus-kiosk but to repurpose an old machine for a friend's 6 year old. Kiosk mode is ideal for this, as all she wants her daughter to access is youtube and abcya. I can set this up just fine and it works well.
However, I have to build into the installed system the wifi configuration. That means that the laptop is tied to the one wifi network. Of course that is the definition, realistically, of a kiosk, but it would be real nice if I could add into the iso a gui that could be called up on some keypress, preferably password protected.
This brings me to my next point. Whether or not I can do that, I would like to retain ip from dhcp but alter the dns servers to use the opendns family safe servers. I tried setting the dns_server setting in the configuration, but I don't think that that is creating the custom resolv.conf that I want it to. I have edited the iso as described here but once again, I have to set my friend's wireless details, and so can't test, and should she move house etc, then I would have to reinstall for her. So, it would be really nice if I could specify dhcp, but configure different dns nameservers to the standard ones.
Also, failing a wifi configuration gui it would be nice if I could hand her the porteus iso setup on a usb stick, and let her install it herself so that she could specify the wifi ssid and password. It would be great if she could load the configuration parameters from the usb, so I created a fat32 partition in the spare space on the usb, and copied the porteus-kiosk-config.txt to it, but porteus-kiosk is unable to find the partition, as I cannot mount/unmount it from the installer. It would be nice, and generally helpful, I would guess, if when selecting 'load configuration from external device', the installer could search partitions on the currently inserted usb (containing the porteus installer on one of them), for a configuration file. I guess you would have to name the file appropriately, but it should be easy enough to make this happen, I guess.
So, tldr;
custom dns + dhcp ip address assignment
any suggestions for a wifi config gui that I could install
installer to search usb partitions for properly named configuration file.


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dns + dhcp, wifi configuration gui, and auto mount config

Post#2 by jlolis » 12 Mar 2024, 17:31

What, no reply?

I too find that somewhere, probably in the browser config, there's a custom nameserver that's causing me grief. I have a dedicated Squid proxy server with custom DNS failure error messages, and the only sites known to it are the ones I wish to whitelist for the kiosk. I also have Porteus set to only look at that proxy server for DNS. This arrangement works well in that it provides a helpful error message to the patron that the kiosk can only access our library catalog, and also provides navigation to recover. At least it works well with normal installations.

With Porteus, this doesn't work. The kiosk still manages to find whatever site I try to access. If I SSH to the kiosk, I find that the OS is fine in that it can't find any other sites. Whatever it is, it's in the browser that's allowing it to resolve all addresses. Why, pray tell? I can't for the life of me figure out why things like this have to be buried, or even why they exist at all.

So... the question is, where is this DNS secret sauce coming from and how do we get rid of it?