Add module driver printer

Here you can post about the issues related to modifications performed manually (not through the kiosk wizard). Example: swapped kernel, added 3rd party modules or files.
Please describe in detail what has been changed and hopefully other kiosk user will be able to help.
Porteus team wont resolve bugs posted in this category as we support only modifications made by the kiosk wizard.
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Add module driver printer

Post#1 by diannella » 17 Oct 2019, 14:31


I create e module that contain a driver printer ARGOX P4250.

I followed this guide:

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mkdir remaster
cd remaster
mkdir /mnt/cdrom
mkdir kiosk_ISO
mkdir fakeroot

mkdir PPD
mount -o loop Porteus-Kiosk-Server-4.0.0-x86_64.iso /mnt/cdrom
cp -a -v /mnt/cdrom/* kiosk_ISO/
cd fakeroot

mkdir -p usr/share/cups/model/argox
mkdir -p usr/libexec/cups/filter
cp -v ../PPD/pbhc203psc200en.ppd usr/share/cups/model/argox/

nano opt/scripts/files/wizard/printers.d/argox

cd ..
mksquashfs fakeroot/ konica.xzm -comp xz -b 256K -Xbcj x86 -noappend
cp -v konica.xzm kiosk_ISO/xzm/
cd kiosk_ISO
when i ran this code:

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system answer with this error:

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Something went wrong - could not create the ISO. Please use 'mkisofs' utility from latest 'cdrtools' package rather tahn 'cdr-kit'.
You can download 'mkisofs' utility directly from this location: make it executable, move to /usr/local/bin floder and rerun this csript

then i use this code:

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sudo mkisofs -o Porteus-Kiosk.iso /home/daniel/Documenti/remaster/kiosk_ISO
the system has created the Porteus-Kiosk.iso but if I execute this command,

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isohibrid Porteus-kiosk.iso
the result is:

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isohybrid: Porteus-Kiosk.iso: could not find boot record

YOU CAN HELP ME :wall: :wall:

Thank You all

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Add module driver printer

Post#2 by fanthom » 20 Oct 2019, 07:53


You need to download mkisofs utility from kiosk website, make it executable and place it in the /use/local/bin folder - as instructed in the error message.

Please also switch to root with:
sudo su

run following command to ensure our utility will be used:
which mkisofs
(it should return /use/local/bin/mkisofs)

and then rerun '' script.

Please add [Solved] to your thread title if the solution was found.

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