Install Porteus KIOSK without Internet

Here you can post about the issues related to modifications performed manually (not through the kiosk wizard). Example: swapped kernel, added 3rd party modules or files.
Please describe in detail what has been changed and hopefully other kiosk user will be able to help.
Porteus team wont resolve bugs posted in this category as we support only modifications made by the kiosk wizard.
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Install Porteus KIOSK without Internet

Post#1 by radzio6 » 08 Jul 2018, 11:37


Is it possibile to setup kiosk in the LAN environment without Internet access?
I would like to set up 2 kiosks with static IP's (no dhcp server available) in the network without Internet access to display in browser data from PLC driver.
I am not very linux familiar person but So far I managed to create own ISO with Firefox however when I run it it requires internet access. Wizard does not start :(
Can I run wizard witout Internet access?

Thank YOu

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Install Porteus KIOSK without Internet

Post#2 by fanthom » 08 Jul 2018, 16:14

Hi radzio6,

Here is the procedure:

a) generate kiosk ISO in the wizard

b) save it on usb stick instead of burning:

c) boot any Linux and burn kiosk ISO on target PC using 'dd' utility, sample:

Code: Select all

sudo dd if=Porteus-Kiosk-4.0.0-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sda
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