How to get Login/out sounds

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How to get Login/out sounds

Post#1 by donald » 21 Sep 2015, 13:03

Hi guys
A user has asked how to turn off the Login sound in KDE,
which led me to the question how to enable a login sound in XFCE.
after me please:
1.create the login-sound file you want to hear.It MUST be a wav file. settings > session and startup > application autostart (tab) >
click "add" > fill in the "name" field something like "Play login-sound"
and in the Command field type aplay /path to your/login-sound.wav

How about a logout sound?
Well, we can have this too (kind of)
1.create your logout-sound file
2.Enter the following text into a text editor
!# /bin/bash
aplay /path to your/logout-sound.wav&

(the & is important, otherwise the logout command isn't executed until the sound
has finished)
Name the file e.g. and make it executeable.

3.remove the "action buttons" plugin from the Panel
4.create a new Launcher ( the same place) > right click the launcher >
properties > click the "+" botton and pick an application.It doesn't matter which,
we will change it anyway.
Now click the "pencil"- button to edit our launcher
fill in the name field e.g. XFCE-logout and in the command field type in
the full path to your bash file. (
pick an icon
Everytime you click the launcher the logout-sound will be played and the
xfce4-session-logout window appears.

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