Pulse Audio, mixing volume of mic and speaker

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Pulse Audio, mixing volume of mic and speaker

Post#1 by alex7541 » 23 Aug 2015, 09:03


i just tried and played several hours with the XFCE Desktop Edition of Porteus to potentially use it as a fast OS for an 8 years old laptop for my father and i was really amazed about the speed and easy UI of the system; but I had a problem with Skype 4.3 and the audio interface; because sometimes audio (speaker) worked and the pulse audio was set in the settings of skype and sometimes, maybe after installing german language pack of OS, these settings were lost and you couldn´t set pulse audio in the options of skype; but even if pulse audio was set in skype you could not configure it or change the settings of volumes of mic and speaker easily;
how can i install pulse audio manually with the mixer and so on, so that it´s easy to configure speakter and mic volume?

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Re: Pulse Audio, mixing volume of mic and speaker

Post#2 by Rava » 01 Sep 2015, 15:44

Alex, I have never used Skype, so I have not much knowledge about it.

But does the use and settings of alsa is of any help? I know that with XFCe, alsa is the main used sound settings system there, maybe somehow alsa messes up what you tried setting up in Pulse audio?

Just try running alsamixer (from the CLI aka cash / terminal; probably as root) and look at its settings, best prior your changes for Skype, then run it when the settings are okay and skype is working as it should, and then again run it when the settings are messed up. And make screenshots of all settings you see for later reference,

Maybe so you get some additional info and alsa can show you what was changed. Maybe even you can use also to set changes you are not able to do so in your approach.

Greetings from Franconia to Austria, BTW! :D
Yours Rava

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