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Icons in the Applications folder

Posted: 10 Oct 2013, 10:11
by ralcocer
Every time I go to the applications folder in another drive with the File manager only text files are displayed in the .desktop , if I import a .desktop file fron LXDE they show . I added the alsa mixer to the menu from LXDE and it shows the icon instead of a text file, I also added a caja-action in order to be able to read them with the text editor. How do I make the programs I have in 3D-Printer show either in programming or in 3D , the show under other.

Re: Icons in the Applications folder

Posted: 10 Oct 2013, 12:19
by brokenman
When browsing the /usr/share/applications folder in caja the files will show as icons. This is normal. Be sure that when you create the action you have the following:

command tab:
path: gksu leafpad
parameters: %f

basenames tab: *.desktop

This means you will need to enter the root password when you right click on a .desktop file and select your action to open in a text editor. This is required in order to save the file.
To have the program show under 'Programming' change the line that says 'categories' ... and add 'development' for example:
This will show in audio and programming.