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Screen Saver Switch Plasmoid

Posted: 08 Nov 2014, 01:46
by Bogomips
Is there a likelihood of incompatibility between Screen Saver Switch widget and Sleep?
  1. Screen Locker Settings tab
    1. Unticked Start automatically after:
    2. Screen locker type radio button set to Screen saver
  2. Prior to Sleep widget set to
    • disable (red circle with diagonal) -> waking complication. Greeter without focus, reboot
    • enable (green tick): no problem waking up.
Update 12-11-14 No more sleep problems so far. Pretty conclusive, if you ask me.

Re: Screen Saver Switch Plasmoid

Posted: 09 Mar 2015, 13:55
by Bogomips
The screen saver switch doesn't seem to work anymore under 3.1. Quite a few times I've been watching videos {VLC Player) and screen gone black. Might also have happened with SMPlayer, can't remember. Anyway at other times been watching videos from browser (VLC Plugin) and screen hasn't gone at all. :Search: