Porteus 5.0rc3 KDE boots to a blank screen

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Porteus 5.0rc3 KDE boots to a blank screen

Post#1 by rchase » 05 Mar 2022, 18:27

When I boot a fresh copy of Porteus 5.0rc3 KDE on an old iMac and on an old Dell laptop (Vostro 1000), I get a blank screen; if I hit the power button, a string of error messages appear and the machines shut down. Any suggestions?

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Porteus 5.0rc3 KDE boots to a blank screen

Post#2 by wread » 05 Mar 2022, 19:59

Hi rchase!
I had the same experience....but I found out how to get my machine up and running. This very moment I even started my laptop as follows:
1. Start the machine in text mode,
2. Login as root, passwd is toor. (I need to be root to setup my favorite programs, ok?)
3. Start the X server by typing "xinit", as it should be...
4. Then you must move the cursor on the top left corner until it changes to an "x", as it should be...
5. Now you type "startx" and voila!, it is up and running!

Try it, it works!

P.S: By the way, many applications ask for the package kde-gtk. I added them to my 002-xorg-extra.xzm.
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Porteus 5.0rc3 KDE boots to a blank screen

Post#3 by nanZor » 07 Jul 2022, 22:21

Hi wread! Hope you don't have to do that every time.

Although 5.0 final is out, and am not sure if this applies, but out of habit since I run Porteus on a variety of boxes (old and new), I tend to always edit


and give just a little bit of extra time for the graphics card to get their act together before init4 by adding this sleep timer to the very beginning of rc.4:

sleep 2

Or maybe even up to sleep 4

Of course this implies having persistence of some sort after you have manually done your thing as above. Or perhaps edited rc.4 in some other way on another box perhaps.

So not sure if this is helpful on 5.0 final, but I've had good success with this little sleep timer with the RC's.
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