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LXDE battery low message

Posted: 12 Jan 2012, 16:00
by oranus
Thanks for Porteus 1.1

On LXDE if laptop cable is unpluged xmessage warns with "Low battery" message again and again. It made me bored. So I simply solve this problem from:

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date >> ~/whos_calling_me
echo $$ >> ~/whos_calling_me
ps -FjH >> ~/whos_calling_me
xmessage.old "$@"

Re: LXDE battery low message

Posted: 13 Jan 2012, 03:00
by brokenman
A rather dirty hack that won't be included in any release ... but it gets the job done! Thanks for posting this ... it was annoying the hell out of me too!

Once Porteus has passed into an X session, xmessage is no longer used by anything that i know of, so this is a safe dirty hack for us. Sheeesh ... this has been a bug for a long time with LXDE. I think it boild down to some machines reporting battery status in Amp/hours where the monitor expects a percentage. Seeing such a low number as 3 or 4 triggers alarm bells.

Re: LXDE battery low message

Posted: 22 Apr 2012, 01:01
by brokenman
An easier fix for this is to open the settings (right click on panel applet) and remove the message about the battery warning. This suppresses the popup aswell :)