Monitor detection

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Monitor detection

Post#1 by rchase » 27 Jun 2017, 18:23

In trying to use Porteus (3.2.2 x64 XFCE) with an older monitor, no resolution greater than 1024x768 was available through Display Settings; Porteus is able to use the graphics adapter and the monitor supports resolutions up to 1600x1200. I used cvt and xrandr to add the highest resolution mode successfully and switch to it, at which point Display Settings offered all the other resolution settings which were previously unavailable. Since manually adding one mode somehow triggered the automatic recognition of the rest, I am wondering whether Porteus is failing to get monitors' modes on boot correctly.

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Re: Monitor detection

Post#2 by hypomania » 27 Jun 2017, 21:23

Try to add vga_detect to booting option.
Press Tab then add vga_detect.
Or try older version and boot with vesa graphic mode.

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