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Re: Bugs and Improvemts for Porteus 1.0, 32 Bit

Posted: 14 Jul 2011, 18:58
by Hamza
No Problem for VMware.

I am really sorry, this topic must be closed.
11. Keep on topic - If you are replying about something to do with iptables for example, and someone mentions a configuration tool that runs in KDE, don't start talking about KDE, stick to the topic. Go start a new topic and post a link to the old one if there is relevant information there.
You must open one thread for one bug, or open one thread for needed features.
Although I am also interested in using a Virtual Machine within Porteus, my main focus is to run Porteus within a Virtual Machine as fully installed OS!
You need to open another thread for that.


Re: Bugs and Improvemts for Porteus 1.0, 32 Bit

Posted: 15 Jul 2011, 13:59
by fanthom
"As for my X11 problem with VMware, I experienced that will still complain "... Skipping X configuration because X drivers are not included.", but after playing with gui.conf, and rebooting I can now use all possible sizes of my physical screen :)"
i have installed Porteus - frugal mode - in Vmware (what a pain comparing to Vbox - additions weights 100MB!) and got the same message. i have installed xf86-video-vmware package, rebooted porteus with 'autoexec=xconf' cheatcode and everything worked just fine :)

"If you want I can also post my tiny script for a full install to hdd/vmware/virtualbox which I successfully use for a while now. "
as you already know we do not support full installations but i'm not going to stop user creativeness. please post your script in "Unsupported Software" section and be prepared for resolving bugs caused by it :P
hopefully users find it useful :)