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Mac problems

Posted: 11 Mar 2015, 19:39
by FLLinuxUser
I just download the new 3.1 today to start trying it out and have run into a few problems.

1. Does porteus come with the hfsplus filesystem drivers anymore? I can't mount hfsplus (Mac drives) anymore. I was able to do this in 3.0.1rc1 just fine
2. None of the keyboards work on the three Macbooks I booted using the 3.1. I can plug in a USB keyboard and it works fine but the native keyboard doesn't work. This works in 3.0.1rc1
3. The graphics driver no longer works on my Macs anymore. Was about to boot 3.0.1rc1 fine without needing any extra drivers. Do i need to care the extra drivers around now?

I downloaded the LxQt 64-bit UEFI version of Porteus.
My last version was 3.0.1rc1 64-bit UEFI LxQt.

All seems well on my Windows machines just not having much luck with the Mac side.

Re: Mac problems

Posted: 12 Mar 2015, 07:41
by fanthom
i'm 99% sure that you mixed up Porteus installations. please compare output of these two commands:

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uname -r
ls /lib/modules