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[SOLVED] Bluez 4.99 Strange One Way Speech

Posted: 11 Feb 2015, 03:30
by cttan
For the past 4 months, My Asterisk server is flawed as the bluetooth is not working as expected. On all the call involving bluetooth using my mobile phone as outgoing trunk, I can only get one way speech.

After much troubleshooting and changing different version of Asterisk and Porteus(3.0rc to 3.1 final), it has been futile. As I'm also changing to new laptop, I thought it could be the embedded bluetooth device is problematic. Exchanging different bluetooth dongle also did not help.

Finally today, I search back release 2.1 final and activated bluez-4.101-x86_64-1tct.xzm. Immeadiately the first test call is connected with no problem.


Here is my bluez module:-