With changes=EXIT some dirs may become unusable

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With changes=EXIT some dirs may become unusable

Post#1 by PhLe » 19 Sep 2014, 17:48

Porteus 3.0 with changes=EXIT gives some trouble with AUFS.

How to reproduce the bug


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rmdir some.dir
( some.dir is a directory used for months, so it is in /mnt/live/memory/images/changes/home/guest/ )


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mkdir some.dir
( you get a .wh..wh..opq file in /mnt/live/memory/changes/home/guest/some.dir )

-3- reboot ( you get a .wh..wh..opq file in both /mnt/live/memory/{,images/}changes/home/guest/some.dir

-4- make some work in some.dir

-5- reboot: all your work is lost. ( It is in /mnt/live/memory/images/changes/home/guest/some.dir but you can't see it because of the file


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rm /mnt/live/memory/{,images/}changes/home/guest/some.dir/.wh..wh..opq

At initramfs time, when doing the aufs mount, do not copy .wh..wh..opq files from /mnt/live/memory/images/changes/ to /mnt/live/memory/images/changes/.

I had to spent many hours to find out this bug.


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Re: With changes=EXIT some dirs may become unusable

Post#2 by fanthom » 19 Sep 2014, 21:56

hi PhLe,

this is a known bug and is fixed already in 3.0.1 release i believe:

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for x in `find /memory/changes -name ".wh.*" | grep -v '.wh..wh..opq'`; do cp -a --parents $x /var; done
please upgrade and check if it's ok.

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