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Vmware tools compilation fails to find gcc

Posted: 26 Jan 2011, 22:56
by caliban
I am trying to compile vmware tools on Porteus V0.9 and even though I have set the CC env variable, explicitly spell out gcc's location (/usr/bin/gcc), it fails. BTW, 'which gcc' works and so does just running it.

Has anyone compiled VMware tools on Porteus and by any chance would this be related to the gcc mismatch between the kernel and the gcc shipped ?

Re: Vmware tools compilation fails to find gcc

Posted: 27 Jan 2011, 12:55
by fanthom
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Which Vmware version do you use? I have tried 6.5.5 on Porteus-v09 and got warning about different gcc version too. Just answered 'yes' and instalation continued. However installator was able to build 2 modules only (vmblock and vmmemory or something) and rest has failed. Looks like 6.5.5 doesn't support 2.6.37 kernel.
Should be ok for 2.6.36 (slax-remix-v09 or earlier).
possible solutions:
- try Vmware 7.x.x with Porteus
- try Vmware 6.5.5 with slax-remix (kernel 2.6.36 or lower)
- switch to Virtualbox which has no problems even with 2.6.38-rc2 kernel :)

In case of going with Vmware, please consider installing xf86-video-vmware and xf86-input-vmmouse which are not included in default ISO (xconf was giving segfaults on real PC). Dont know if they are necessary (have no experience with Vmware).