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Porteus-Wheezy : interesting for sure

Posted: 24 May 2014, 04:24
by francois
I thought that we had to mentioned a very nice initiative that honours our porteus engeneers (developpers). There is a project by fredx181 and saintless going on puppy linux with the porteus kernel : ... start=2415

You can get Porteus-Wheezy.iso, which presents itself with a openbox environment:

For a functional xfce desktop enviroment, you need to proceed to some modifications: ... start=2415

Here is my grub legacy entry to startup porteus-wheezy:

Code: Select all

title porteus on sda5 /32bit_poteus_wheezy DE XFCE
root (hd0,4)
kernel /32bit_poteus_wheezy/vmlinuz from=/dev/sda5/32bit_poteus_wheezy changes=EXIT:/32bit_poteus_wheezy/debian login=root
initrd /32bit_poteus_wheezy/initrd.xz
If you do not want to do the modifications yourself for the xfce environment just grab them here, they are in a changes folder (with some modifications of my own, that is simply a few additional packages, though very heavy load 1.2 Mb):
***to come***

Put that changes folder into the /porteus_wheezy/debian folder. It should boot with the basic modification into a xfce environment propose by fredx181. The list of additional packages are mentioned in the following section B.

Additional modifications (in progress):
- better save changes on exit option with snapexit: ... start=2745

B. Content of the changes folder. You can do it yourself or just pick up the ones that suits you.

1.0 Updated database and installed packages (in cli mode naturally)
apt-get update (to update package database)
then apt-get install <package-name> (to install additional packages)

2.0 Packages added to porteus-wheezy in the changes file
x11-utils (to get xkill)
x11-xserver-utils (to ge xrandr)
chromium (chrome web browser)
icons-xfce-gant (see gant icons installation below)
gnome-icon-theme (see gnome-icon-theme installation below, gnome icons will complement gant icons, gant does not provide icons for folders or documents for example)
wallpapers (a few colorful one)

C. Customization of the installation.

1.0 Chromium root mode.
Backup the /usr/bin/chromium to /usr/bin/chromium.old
Change the 110 and 113 lines, adding --user-data-dir in the new /usr/bin/chromium file

Code: Select all

    # we can't exec here as we need to clean-up the temporary profile

Code: Select all

 exec $LIBDIR/$APPNAME $CHROMIUM_FLAGS "$@" --user-data-dir
    # we can't exec here as we need to clean-up the temporary profile
    $LIBDIR/$APPNAME $CHROMIUM_FLAGS "$@" --user-data-dir
2.0 Gant icons installation:
- icons-xfce-gant-3.9-6.tar.bz2 from: ... 5b77b5b882

- create /root/.icons
- unpack the file into the /root/.icons folder
- then xfce > settings > appearance > icons > gant for xfce

3.0 Gnome icons installation:
- apt-get install gnome-icon-theme

Note: This post is simply food for thoughts about porteus moving to debian. Really trying it is almost adopting it, see the debate:

It is good to compare porteus-wheezy to stifiling porteus-arch installation, arch linux base is also
a very good candidate:

Were are missing a rpm porteus clone!

Re: Porteus-Wheezy : interesting for sure

Posted: 26 May 2014, 02:40
by stifiling
i have a few reasons for picking arch over debian. it's been a while since i used a debian system so can't remember most of them. the last one i tried was pussy linux. I used pussy's moreso barebones version, the server version. Not sure if things are still the same w/Debian...but the only reason i remember for picking Arch over it is because....Debian sometimes installs unnecessary dependecies. I was going along as usual, installing my favorite base set of applications...and was almost finished. I was just about to install jre when i noticed...for no good reason at all...openjdk was already installed. I started thinking then "which app did i install that needed this?"....also "what else got installed that wouldn't have...if I was on Arch right now?"

I wasn't that interested in hunting/searching/ find out why openjdk got installed or how many other not needed dependecies did. Nor do i look at all those dependecy packages that apt-get will also install for each app (who does that?). I just left it at "Why did openjdk install? That's not wassup! I'm going back to Arch."

as you can see i'm real particular about the system being 'clean'!! If all i want is firefox, then that's all i want is firefox. So that's all that i'll install. not firefox and....oh yeah, the system also came by default with vi, and crontab, and wget, and all this other stuff the developer might 'think is cool'...or maybe i might want. But really i don't. Some stuff i just never use. Even if it only takes up 500KB....if i don't use it, i don't want it in my system.

Re: Porteus-Wheezy : interesting for sure

Posted: 15 Aug 2014, 04:27
by francois
I think you are right. And even more. I wonder if your archlinux clone of porteus is not faster than porteus itself. It would be good to test two comparable assembly of software. :twisted:

Re: Porteus-Wheezy : interesting for sure

Posted: 06 Jun 2015, 16:39
by francois
Interesting work and thread by one of our porteus forum member michele13, an howto to build a debian clone of the porteus os. See on the crunchbang forum:

Re: Porteus-Wheezy : interesting for sure

Posted: 03 Jun 2017, 03:53
by francois
Porteus-wheezy, went to debian dog to xenial dog:

Instructions: ... aldog.html