A forensic dd....

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A forensic dd....

Post#1 by fullmoonremix » 19 Aug 2016, 00:21

Dc3dd is a military grade forensic alternative to dd
published by the DoD Cyber Crime Center ...


IMO... an interesting tool for making secure reliable images.

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Re: A forensic dd....

Post#2 by brokenman » 19 Aug 2016, 01:56

Just the progress meter was enough to win me over.
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Re: A forensic dd....

Post#3 by scott » 05 Apr 2017, 15:04

This is interesting but use extreme care when typing the command line for this program. Reversing the if and of flags will cause the computer to erase your evidence. Use extreme caution if reading from a tape drive
At least with Linux/UNIX, tape drives have functional differences from disk that make them more complex to image. Specifically they have EOF and EOT markings on the tape media that do not have a corresponding functionality with disks. Most commercial backup software use EOF separators to allow a single tape to hold multiple backup sessions. very interesting article about forensic https://www.cleverfiles.com/howto/compu ... ensic.html maybe someone will be interested

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