How to Safely Preview a Short Link

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How to Safely Preview a Short Link

Post#1 by Rava » 07 Nov 2023, 08:49

I DuckDuckGo'd "preview"and found some more generic howto's on How to Safely Preview a Short Link I want to share here after reviewing them. ... hort-links &
Simply add a plus sign after the short link. Copy and paste the short link into your browser (while being careful not to just hit enter) and add + to the end of it. When you hit enter it will take you to a page with information and statistics about the link. For example, I made a and a short link that goes to this blog post. Give them a try with the + sign: ( - we use them for our own custom short link) and (
Add "preview." in front of the short link. For example, I made a short link to this page, which is and you can preview it with You'll notice if you use that it actually shows you the preview link and says "give your recipients confidence with a preview TinyURL".

Add "peek" before the short link. The snipurl short link for this page: The preview snipurl for this page:
Add - (that's a hyphen) to the end of any URL. The short link for this page: Now preview it:
Add a = to the end of the short link. For example, the preview for the short link to this page is:

Add a ? to the end of the short link. This service is not free and since we are already set up with another short link service, I was unable to make a short link as an example. If you want to try it, you can type budurl into your Twitter search (don't worry I already tested it by adding the ? at the end and it does work).

There is also another option that you can use for any short link. It's called URL Expander and all you have to do is copy and paste the short url in and, voila, it makes it long, so you can see where it leads you. (URL Expander) would be quite nice since you can expand more than one URL at a time. When it works as it should, see more on that below.
It as some restrictions:
This service is free. However, it is limited to 100 requests per day.
Do not try to exploit it excessively, otherwise your requests might get blocked permanently.
When I tried it for 2 URLs (after allowing JavaScript on it would not load any results. Palemoon kept saying "waiting for" in its status bar.
And after the page was loaded I got this as a result:

Code: Select all  ⧉  ⧉
I may be an stupid old man, but I do not see the expansion of the shortened URLs here at all. :wall:

Have some more tutorials on that, but none are as good written with a separate paragraph for each of the URL shortener services (the article put & into one paragraph) compared with the quoted above: ... ened-urls/ ... inking-to/ ... ning-them/
Yours Rava