Kiosk and Rufus burn EASY

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Kiosk and Rufus burn EASY

Post#1 by nanZor » 18 Aug 2019, 08:05

I had absolutely NO problems using Rufus to burn usb sticks for Porteus Kiosk on my modern uefi-ONLY machines.

Here's a rundown of how simple it is. Reads like a lot, but once you do it, it is nearly second-nature.

1) Download the latest kiosk iso.
2) Download the md5 sum text file associated with it.

3) With your target usb stick in the machine, fire up the latest Rufus burner. As of this writing, that would be version 3.6

4) Hit the [SELECT] button to navigate and highlight your downloaded Porteus Kiosk Iso.

5) Before doing anything else, let Rufus calculate the md5sum. To the left of the SELECT button is a small button with a checkmark in it. Let it check/calculate the md5sum. Along with the MD5, you will also see the SHA1 and SHA256 calculations. Here, just compare the MD5 that Rufus calculates with what is in your downloaded md5 text file, and make sure they are the same.

6) Choose your partition type. Rufus defaults to "MBR". Since my machine(s) are modern uefi-only types, I change that to "GPT". If your machine is using csm techniques, or is an older bios machine, then mbr is fine. Rufus won't make any assumptions here - YOU have to know your machine.

7) Initiate the burn, and when prompted to choose between "iso mode" (the default) and "dd mode", change it to "dd" mode.

8) Let Rufus finish the burn and WAIT for the ability to [CLOSE] the application. Don't pull it prematurely even if the status bar shows 100%. On large sticks, this takes just a few seconds longer for [CLOSE] to be an option.

OPTION: Rufus has the option to "Create extended label and icon files" which are necessary for very long Device Labels. Note that Rufus does not enable this function to serve as a malware/virus launcher, even though some antivirus software assumes so without actually checking. In any case, the Volume Label that Porteus Kiosk uses is very small, (just "Kiosk"), and you may easily uncheck the ability to Create extended label and icon files options if you desire.

If you burn it wrong:
Porteus Kiosk will notify you upon boot that it can't find the device to boot, and has some hints about making it right. It will also shut the machine down in 30 seconds or so if you can't boot - rather than let it sit there, freak out, spin up fans and go nuts. I was impressed at this very nice touch.
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