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Porteus-Kiosk vers. 3.5.0 Firefox browser

Posted: 03 Sep 2015, 18:29
by Johannes
Why was the x close button on the top right hand side of the Firefox browser removed? What do I do if I want to close multiple tabs at once?
By the way, I'm still enjoying Porteus-Kiosk very much. It's light and fast, and it plays flash media. I use it for roughly 80-90% of my day to day Internet surfing.

Thank you,


Re: Porteus-Kiosk vers. 3.5.0 Firefox browser

Posted: 04 Sep 2015, 07:00
by fanthom
Hello Johannes,

The change is explained here: ... tml#150611

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browser is started as maximized rather than fullscreen by default. This allows to launch HTML5 apps like pdf viewer, youtube video player and other in real fullscreen with no firefox navigation bar visible at the top. To restart the browser you have to close its last tab - same as in Google Chrome.
To be more specific:
previously Firefox was started in fullscreen with 'autohide navigation bar' enabled and forced to never hide. Close button was visible in the top right corner. This was working fine except when you wanted to start html5 video/PDF in fullscreen which was not possible. I have decided to switch the mode to maximized by the cost of loosing close browser button.

How to close Firefox with multiple tabs opened:

a) Not very intuitive but you can close group of tabs: ... group.webm

b) Keep clicking middle mouse click on the first tab.

c) Another solution would be to use this addon: ... se-button/

but i'm against addons in kiosk.

Re: Porteus-Kiosk vers. 3.5.0 Firefox browser

Posted: 15 Sep 2015, 20:36
by Johannes
Thank you very much.