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Could not establish a network connection!

Posted: 08 Jul 2015, 20:06
by martinalexander

I just downloaded the most recent version of Porteus Kiosk, burned it on CD and tried to
burn to the harddrive... Everything worked excellent during the wizard, both the browser
and fetching a wallpaper, and it booted from the harddrive once it was finished installing :roll: ...

... However, I just get an error message, saying that it could not establish a network connection :sorry: .

Anyone else got this issue, or a solution to it, and know what's causing it :cry: ?

Re: Could not establish a network connection!

Posted: 09 Jul 2015, 09:00
by fanthom
hello martinalexander,

similar issue was reported here:
and i fixed it on 24th of June.

Are you sure you have downloaded the ISO after this date? If yes then:
- please install kiosk using wifi
- enable debug mode in the wizard
- after boot plug ethernet cable
- send me system report on

thank you.