USB printer

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USB printer

Post#1 by jetbtwo » 05 Nov 2014, 20:49

I have an HP printer (laserjet p1102w) and I've rebuilt the kiosk (latest build) a few times using different HP drivers. I've tried printing several times and I'm not even getting gibberish out. I've tried a different computer and different USB cable and...nothing. Is there anything else I can try - other than a different printer. It's the only one that we have.

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Re: USB printer

Post#2 by fanthom » 05 Nov 2014, 21:07

hi jetbtwo,

i have made an effort to include 'hplip' package in the printing module for kiosk:
and i'm close to finish it (just need someone to confirm that it works!).

unfortunately HP LaserJet p1102w requires proprietary plugin integrated with the kiosk:
and there is no chance to make this setup working through the wizard.

i could create a custom kiosk build with these components embedded:
so if you are interested please contact me on

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