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Hardware requirements

Posted: 20 Oct 2014, 11:05
by mcmurchy1917
I've got Porteus Kiosk running on a Samsung SyncMaster TC190 and runs quite nicely. The TC190 was originally bought new at the bargain price of £99.00, tried to get a couple more but the price has gone up significantly, so started to look at other thin clients.

In this forum I've seen mentioned HP-5730 and HP-5740, is there a list of machines that Porteus has been successfully installed on?

The comments on the

HP-5730 is that it works great albeit Flash is sluggish;
HP-5740 wouldn't boot - though subsequent comments suggest that this may have been resolved;

Has anyone had good/bad experiences with the above machines or indeed with other thin clients?


Re: Hardware requirements

Posted: 20 Oct 2014, 12:09
by fanthom
i would recommend any Intel NUC unit: ... l-NUC-Kits

they are cheap and kiosk should have no problems with supporting the components used in them. maybe except for BCM57780 chipset i'm still fighting with: ... 975#p28669
but the solution is close.